President Biden and Vice President Harris’ sweeping equal-rights agenda has been compared to FDR’s 1930s New Deal financial reforms designed to realign the damage done by the Great Depression. Similarly, President Biden has either signed an equal-rights executive order or tightly woven ‘justice for all’ into upcoming federal policies designed to realign the damage done by the previous administration.

The objective now is to ensure that upcoming generations are fully prepared to embrace Biden/Harris’ equality mandates. My hopeful hunch is that these initiatives will permeate federal policy decisions for decades. Here’s a brief breakdown of the Biden/Harris equal-rights agenda:

Executive Orders


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Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked the article. I totally agree... ALL girls should be guided toward specific words and actions for responding to gender bias. If we can guide an entire generation of girls, we can really move the needle in the right direction. Cheers to you!!!

Immigration has become a contentious issue and can’t be ignored. But how do we approach it with our children?

The best way to help kids feel ownership at their own level for any topic, including immigration, is to guide not lecture. Kids need to feel like they’ve arrived at a conclusion on their own instead of believing something because that’s what they’ve been told to believe.

Lead your child toward their own ‘aha!’ moment with the right ‘breadcrumbs’ of information about immigration. Explain the basics so they can ‘discover’ their own opinion.

1. Find out what they already know

It’s important to find out what your kid(s)…

Teach your girl specific words for overcoming bias

Every single girl alive needs to know in her heart that bias about her abilities is completely unfounded.

But if we only offer vague ideas about unfairness, we’re not really helping girls fully understand the message and how to react. We need to teach them the exact words to use. They need specifics.

While there’s no perfect script for conversations about gender bias, hopefully, the sample conversations and suggested responses in this article will give you a good starting point.

Define gender bias together

First, help your girl understand what gender bias is. You can start by telling her what you think it is…

How to explain consent now, so she owns it later

Thanks to #metoo, #timesup, and the long-overdue disclosure of rampant, harmful misogyny, ‘consent’ has finally become a recognized value that needs to be taught to our children, even when they’re young.

If you plant seeds of information now about what consent means, as your girl grows and the subject of consent winds its way into more mature topics of conversation, you’ll have given her the tools she needs to make good decisions.

The goal is to help her rely on the ideas you taught her while she was young to…

The most effective way to have meaningful talks with kids

The events of ​2020 have forced so many heart-to-heart talks between adults and children that, frankly, could have occurred later in their growing-up years. No one wants to have those talks, but sometimes, it can’t be avoided.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to make uncomfortable conversations as successful and comfortable as possible.

Shame-free zone

Rule #1: Don’t force eye contact. The older they get, kids need an increasing amount of time and personal space to process whatever it is you’re telling them. …

Teach your kids the basics during the holidays.

Let’s be honest. Religious freedom isn’t top of mind for any kid right now (or adult, for that matter). But if you can subtly weave the subject into daily conversations, you’ll be doing your kids an enormous favor. Once the 2020 nightmare is over, equality, human rights, and decency will (hopefully) become a priority again.

Randomly offer nuggets of information about religious equality by discussing your own family’s religion (if you have one), all religions’ common denominator (hope), and the importance of respecting others. Keep it simple. ​

Discuss your family’s religious traditions

Before talking about other

​Things have changed in 2020. Obviously, and unfortunately, it’s become even more acceptable to voice racist opinions in front of children.

If your holiday family plans include virtual gatherings this year, you need to teach your child how to respond to racist comments from relatives more than ever. Unfortunately, the current political landscape has forced us to teach children how to respond to racism, even virtually.

How to help

To help your child, before the gathering, you could say something like:

“Grandpa is from a different generation than we are. His generation believes that white men are superior to everyone else. We don’t…

Trish Allison

I write step-by-step guidebooks to help parents raise a generation of open-minded, enlightened kids.

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